Queenscliff To Shelly Beach

Queenscliff to Shelly Beach

This  is one of the favourite and easier walks, facilitating more people watching than scenic attractions.

Starting on the Northern side at Queenscliff Beach, a flat and easy stroll down the foreshore to Manly Beach, passing North Steyne on the way.

The walk covers the long stretch of sand spanning three beaches and then follows a paved walking track along the inlet to Shelly Beach. An optional climb via steps or steep road leads to the Shelly Head providing the opportunity to gaze back along the path just trodden.

Options abound for the return ranging from turning left and taking the Shelly Head Scenic Walk (5-10 mins)  to loop back, or turn right to loop back to The Boathouse via a small scenic footpath or stay on the road and travel down to Manly.

Whichever the method it is often worthwhile extending the walk by repeating the Manly-Queenscliff-Manly-Queenscliff to add an extra 20-30 mins per iteration.

Longer options allow for trips to Fairlight via the harbour side tracks covered elsewhere.

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