Suburbs of the Coast

We cover the coastal suburbs from Manly to Palm Beach. Also included is the North Head National Park situated on the Northern entrance to Sydney Harbour.

Many suburbs have their own beach. Further inland, lakes and other waterways provide extra walking locations.

Beaches large and small, all easy to get to

Many beaches are reachable by public transport, with perhaps a small walk at the end. Generally though, don’t take the car unless you get there early.

Car parks do exist but are usually both small and expensive. It is possible to park nearby and walk to most starting points.

Where to start the Walk

Most walks consist of a round trip to start and end at the same location. This allows a convenient way to get to the source and explore from there

You may want to try some one-way trips with some logistical advice provided

Points of Interest

It’s not the destination, its the journey – have you heard that before. Different interests are covered so each trip can bring something new.

Focusing on the unique to the area, with some diversions along the way.

Learn about the area

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