nature lovers

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin

Since 2005 I’ve been walking the Northern Beaches with friends.

Find out about the walking paths, tracks and trails of the area. Some are obvious and oft trodden, some are less known. All are worth a visit.

Based loosely on the “Coast Walk” – a connected 36km walk from Manly to Palm Beach – a series of morning, afternoon or day walks allows you to enjoy the varied coastline as well as the hinterland¬†

some cool facts

Numbers speak for themselves


While traversing this lovely set of connected walks is possible in one go, it is easier and recommended to split the journey into manageable sections over the time you have.

we love nature

Being in one of the largest cities of Australia doesn’t mean you are far from nature. It is quite easy to find locations that could be a thousand miles from any large population within meters of main roads and populous suburbs

it is a gift

I believe we’re lucky to have access to these wonderful walks. We also believe we should share to help others find and enjoy them.

Beauty is best appreciated in person

Which walk is best for me

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